67th Glasgow

Girls' Brigade Company

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Welcome to the website of the 67th Glasgow Girls' Brigade Company.

We are based at Barlanark Greyfriars Parish Church

We have three sections which are:  

Explorers     Primary 1-3      Thursday: 18:30-19:30     (6.30pm-7.30pm)

Juniors         Primary 4-7      Thursday: 19:30-21:00     (7.30pm-9pm)

Brigaders    S1-S6                  Thursday: 19:30-21:00     (7.30pm-9pm)

All sections meet weekly in the church hall.

Our Captain is Donna Sheppard.

Email us : leaders@67gb.barlanark-greyfriars.co.uk

Thursday 23rd May 2019 - Display

Our Joint Display with the Boys' Brigade will be held in the church hall at 7pm

on Thursday 23rd May 2019.