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Our History

The Girls'  Brigade was formed in 1965 from the amalgamation of 3 organisations.

 The Girls' Brigade took elements from each of its organisations to form a modern christian organisation for girls and young women which is represented today in countries all over the world.

The UNION of the three organisations was announced world-wide in the following press statement on Thursday, June 25th 1964:.

 "The Girls' Life Brigade, The Girls' Guildry and The Girls' Brigade of Ireland, all sister organisations of The Boys' Brigade, announced that agreement in principle has been reached on the formation of a new united organisation and that details will be worked out as soon as possible. This agreement is the result of the negotiations which has been carried on for some time in a spirit of cordiality and it is believed that the united body which will be known as THE GIRLS' BRIGADE will be of great benefit to all concerned.".

 The UNION was formally confirmed on June 10th, 1968 and the united body took on the name of The GIRLS' BRIGADE.

 The movement is international and interdenominational. The world-wide membership embraces many races, languages and dialects. Today, THE GIRLS' BRIGADE can be found in more than 50 countries and nations throughtout the world.

Our company in Barlanark was formed in 1954 as the Girls Guildry.